Preventing The Occurrence Of Domestic Violence

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“In Australia we need to do more to prevent the occurrence of domestic violence”. INTRO: Could I please have everyone in the room who has a red dot on their piece of paper to please stand up? You are the 1 in 3 Australian women who experience domestic violence in your lifetime. Now the people who have a yellow dot on their paper please rise. You are the 1 in 5 Australian women who have already, or will be exposed to some kind of sexual violence in your lifetime. Finally, stand if you have a green dot on your piece of paper. (PAUSE) You are the one of 4000 women that die each year due to domestic violence, and in most cases 75% of you 4000 women are killed when attempting to leave an abusive relationship with your intimate partner. So why…show more content…
On television (whether it be the news or in newspapers), video games that our children play, sporting clubs that our youth are growing up in and influenced by, nightclubs that our teenagers and young adults are attending, and on the streets where other dangers are nearby. Its not fair to say that because of our constant encounters with these events that domestic violence should be “accepted,” but to some degree it is these social and environmental factors that make people seen them as “bad things happening to good people”. But this does not mean that violence against women is inevitable, it just means we need to find out what drives this issue and what works in order to prevent it. I know most of you are probably thinking, what about the male victims of domestic abuse? Yes, our male Australian’s should and are considered when debating this increasing matter, but females are our main priority and this is why. 95% of victims are both females and our younger society, and these 95% of victims experience violence from male perpetrators, this is a statistic that we cannot ignore, and this is why we need to educate our children of the importance of gender equality, and why succumbing to violence is not the answer. Focussing on violence itself is not the answer to riding the problem. We must look at all aspects surrounding violence such as the inequality, behaviours and attitudes that support violent actions. To do this
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