Preventing Unwanted Pregnancies

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Not only is there teenage life over but also their educational career. Terrified, scared many teens walk out of clinics with the thoughts of either abortion or adoption.Many decide to keep the baby, but many thoughts run through their mind. “How am I going to tell my parents?’’ , “How can i financially support this child?’’ , “ How am I going to take care of this child?’’ With big challenges ahead of them and no true knowledge of what to do, teens are on their way to a life full of stress, exhaustion ,poverty and depression (Bodeeb 1) High schools in New York have been preventing this tragic scene from happening by distributing out birth control, which includes the morning after pill, and condoms and ever since then teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases have dropped very low. “Elizabeth Finley, director of strategic communications for the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina, credits more effective birth control methods and wider access to them” (Ball 1) Although this methods have shown to be very effective, they are many other way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Such as a abstinence only environment or sex ed classes. Teen pregnancy and diseases can slowly diminish without the distribution of the methods many schools wish to provide. School health care personnel should not be…
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