Preventing and Addressing Problems in Human Services Essay example

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Preventing and Addressing Problems A variety of different problems can and do arise in human service organizations. Unfortunately, they do not come with instruction manuals on how to resolve them. It is the responsibility of human service administrators to identify problems and strategies to address them. It is important to consider and reflect upon the steps and actions that administrators in the human services field take to address problems. It is also equally important to consider what administrators can do to prevent problems from occurring to being with. In this paper, a brief description of a human services administrator from this week’s video will be illustrated; secondly, descriptions of the problems associated in the…show more content…
Because their program thrives off of serving clients, they have to recruit more children, if needed, to ensure consistent growth occurs within the organization. Maurice William’s understands that social workers get tired because of their relentless job responsibilities, therefore, she makes sure they don’t experience burn out since it is her responsibility to keep the families intact (Laureate Education, Inc., 2011). Since she is not out in the field visiting the homes, she puts her faith in her upper management team to be able to listen and pay attention to any problems or potential future problems (Laureate Education, Inc. 2011). Since she is unable to be out in the field, Williams uses her supervisory skills to train her staff to be able to identify potential problems and also to report back to her what the problems are. If there were problems out in the field (i.e., foster parents, foster children), she shoulders the full responsibility to make sure that the problems are addressed and resolved, or modify changes that are in the best interest of the children. One way Maurice William’s faces problems in the foster homes is to have a meeting with every foster parent under their program every three months. In this meeting, all issues are discussed in great length and an appropriate procedure to deal with each specific problem are agreed upon and implemented so that the problems do not come up

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