Preventing the Huge Problem of Obesity

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Do you know anyone that is obese? The main point on this paper is going to focusing on obesity and how can we prevent obesity becoming a huge problem. This research paper will cover how to prevent obesity from happening. The main things I want to cover is how can healthy eating habits, exercising daily help, and how can getting a good rest will help. `Obesity has become a huge problem among teens and adults in our society. The percentage of children and teens that are overweight is quickly growing. “Overweight” is defined as stored body fat that is over 20 percent heavier than that person’s ideal body weight. This paper will discuss how Obesity is a common eating disorder among teens with its definition. It will define obesity and discuss issues associated with obesity to include health risks, weight problems and preventions. Obesity is a common disease among children and teens in our society today with growing numbers. Statistics rates high as obesity has doubled and even tripled in our country and is of great concern. More healthcare professionals are seeing earlier onset of children and teens experiencing at risk health problems due to obesity than ever. Studies have shown that the longer a person is obese, the more significant diseases and related conditions with obesity may occur. Obesity means having a large number of body fat. Obesity occurs when a person eats more calories than the body burns up. Based on research, 63.1 percent of adults in the United States
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