Prevention And Prevention Of Infection Prevention

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The cost of the program will include the salary of infection prevention nurse (who is monitoring, providing staff training, skills orientation, and in-services), portable alcohol base Sanitizers for employees to carry, monitoring, reporting, surveillance, and data programming and interpreting. Since hospital already has a sterilization system, alcohol base sanitizer in the room and wall, PPE, and other perishable items in the hands, we only need disposal blood pressure cuff and thermometers. The infection control committee will formulate infection prevention policy, set goals, objectives, and do advising, communicating and reporting within the healthcare facility. Research indicated that registered nurses lead 66 % of infection prevention programs and one infection prevention nurse is enough for the 250-bed capacity hospital (Sydnor & Perl, 2011). Therefore, one infection prevention nurse is enough in our facility since we have less than 250 beds.

Application of appropriate Infection prevention strategies is essential to ensure quality patient care, patient safety, cost control, patient satisfaction and reputation of the hospital. Utilization of Evidence-based practices and reviewing the infection data and the trend will determine the effectiveness of the programs. In the United States, in any given time, one in twenty-fives hospitalize patients get at least one healthcare associated infection (HAI) and combining with all HAIs more than half infection take place

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