Prevention And Prevention Of Measles

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Shots might hurt and can be life-threatening but it can be worth to prevent disease. Immunization is also known as vaccination. They are essential for adults as well as children to protect against infectious diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, and many others diseases (“Immunization: MedlinePlus,” 2014). Measles is one of the highly infectious diseases caused by virus among all of them. It spreads through the air by coughing and sneezing. It starts with the symptoms like fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat, red eyes and rashes spread all over the body. Usually measles can be prevented with complete recovery as soon as it is vaccinated with MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccines but it can lead…show more content…
Parents, whose babies were exposed to measles, were so frightened with this outbreak that they started looking for pediatricians. Some parents even had to take leave from their work to get their babies vaccinated and keep them safe. Also, some families were asked not bring their infected babies into the crowded area by their pediatricians. Clinics started running low on vaccines due to more babies were being vaccinated at the same time causing a major shortage of vaccines. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) infants should get their first measles shot at the age of 12 to 15 months and if they are traveling to other countries than at the age of 6 months (Szabo, 2015). One of the pediatricians Jay Gordon said that measles outbreak changed parents’ opinion and he was receiving many calls for vaccine consultations. He also said, “People are viewing the vaccine differently. The people in the pharmaceutical industry must be thrilled” (Szabo, 2015). According to Szabo, studies have found 40% of parents do not vaccinate their children at all or on time due to some myths about vaccines (Szabo, 2015). I do not believe such myths because I know that vaccination is for our safety. I suggest parents to consult specialist for more information regarding vaccination and its side effects. Parents should understand life is more valuable than some myth for their children. A rumor about vaccines causing autism is one of reason why measles is
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