Prevention And Treatment Of Cancer Treatment

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Has enough research been done for childhood cancer treatment?

Ruvimbo Mauchaza

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Cancer in children most commonly arises from changes in the child 's DNA and is less likely to be due to environmental and lifestyle factors such as some adult cancers. It is a disease with starts from cells behaving abnormally by replicating uncontrollably, creating masses which can move to other places of the body and start growing there. Even though children can handle cancer treatment better than adults - they can receive higher doses and they have a higher survival rate, the treatment may do long term damage to their bodies. This leads to the necessity of life long care for the child.
Carcinomas are cancers that start from epithelial tissues and these tissues are those that line various organs and make up our skin. The majority of human cancers are carcinomas; ‘Layers are worn by the passage of food and waste or exposure to the elements, outer layers are constantly dying so the cells beneath must form replacements’.GeorgeJohnson. Children with cancer are less likely to suffer from carcinomas because they are ‘just beginning to withstand life’s wear and tear’.
Even though high survival rate - life long care.
Many conditions are uncommon in children asprin?? Reye Syndrome. children…
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