Prevention And Treatment Of Injuries

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Prevention and Treatment of Injuries in Basketball Brian Burnett Jacksonville University Kinesiology 257 Abstract This paper focuses on the prevention and treatment of injuries in basketball. This paper explores the basic concepts of preventing injuries and the different methods to treat injuries that occur as a result of playing basketball. There are a variety of preventive measures to limit injuries at recreational, collegiate and professional levels of playing basketball. This paper will elaborate on specific approaches to injury prevention for each circumstance. Depending on the duration and intensity of play many contributing factors play a role in the prescribed treatment of basketball injuries. This paper will examine the different types of treatment available and the major factors that are considered based on case by case basis. Basketball is an enjoyable sport with the risk of minor and major injury. This paper will give insight into those injuries and remedies to treat and prevent them. Prevention and Treatment of Injuries in Basketball There are various categories of injuries associated with sports. Participating in basketball involves the use of various muscles, joints, ligaments and bones. Injuries to these areas can be mild, moderate, serious, severe and sometimes debilitating. They can also be generally defined as acute, traumatic or overused. There are some injuries commonly associated with basketball.
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