Prevention And Treatment Of Malaria

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Cases of malaria are found all over the world, but especially in tropical regions. This disease is very widespread because people obtain malaria when visiting these areas and then they bring it back to where they live. Malaria affects millions of people every year, and depending on the case it can be very serious or easily treated. At the moment there is only one main method that doctors use to treat malaria, but there are many precautions that can be taken to prevent it from infecting someone. There is only one way a person can acquire malaria, and that is through a mosquito bite. The mosquito that can spread malaria has to be of a certain genus and gender. The type that transmits malaria is an Anopheles mosquito. This kind of mosquito is the only one who can affect humans because anopheles obtain a parasite when taking in the blood of an affected person. This parasite is called a Plasmodium, and it grows inside of the mosquito until it reaches its fullest potential. When this occurs, the mosquito can then infect a person. Also, only female anopheles mosquitoes can transmit malaria. This is because females need blood to gather nutrients that are necessary to make their eggs, and the males do not need to do this. In order for a person to attain malaria there is a certain process that occurs. The first step is that a mosquito bites a person who is already affected with malaria. Because of this the mosquito now contains malaria and can further transmit it to other humans.
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