Prevention And Treatment Of Malaria Essay

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Malaria adversely affects millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries, due to the lack of awareness, deficiency of prevention tools, and several other factors. Malaria has several effects on the people, including increased health costs, a rise in health problems in the community, adverse effects on blood and blood donors, and loss of life. Loss of Life The deterioration of health and development of several serious symptoms, including fever, headaches, fatigue, and the loss of life are the most prominent effects of malaria. Malaria causes thousands of preventable deaths each year around the world, including children and pregnant women despite the prevention and treatment methods. Malaria is prevalent in many regions despite adequate preventive measures, especially developing countries, including South Asia, South America, and Africa. Although developed countries also experience outbreaks of malaria, the death rate relevant to the disease is considerably lower than developing nations due to effective policies and strategies. Although governments and healthcare professionals can curb or alleviate the prevalence of the illness in many regions, thousands of people die due to malaria regardless of the measures. The loss of life stemming from the sickness is a serious issue mainly because the government, community, and healthcare sector can save lives through prevention, treatment, and awareness. Effects on Blood and Blood Donors Malaria can adversely
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