Prevention For Disease Control And Prevention Essay

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The amount of tobacco products used everyday in the world has grown enormously. An article titled, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states, “an estimated 4.6 million middle and high school students were current users of any tobacco products” (Neff 2015). With the amounts increasing each year, something needs to be done to help decrease the number and stop it from increasing any higher. Even when tobacco is not being used directly, it can affect people and animals. The smoke that is left out in the air can be brought into other people’s lungs for them to breath, which is just as dangerous as smoking it yourself. Another way that smoke can affect people is when it is in contact with clothing or furniture. This is known as third hand smoke and it is also dangerous for people not using tobacco products. When innocent people are in contact with tobacco from other users, the amount of money spent for medical bills for cancer and other related diseases increases. These amounts could decrease if there is a way to get people to stop smoking, or to at least help them decrease the amount of tobacco they are using.

To ask people to stop smoking all together is harder than it looks. Regular smokers are addicted to the nicotine that cigarettes have. To quit would mean that they are giving up that part of their life and for most that can be too much to ask. When looking at all the negative effects that smoking brings, some want to quit, but they cannot find the ways to do it.
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