Prevention Of Asthma And Being Admitted Into An Emergency Medical Hospital

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Case study number one, Alex has been diagnosis with asthma and being admitted into an emergency medical hospital. Thus, the terrible news to Michelle, which is Alex’s mother, had turned the terrifying news into a learning opportunity. A program that has partnership with the hospital does intensive studies to manage asthma, including home health assessments, tailored education, and goal setting. Moreover, there goal is to improve childhood asthma outcomes policy, so hospitals can decrease the overall rate of asthma attacks in communities. This plan created by the Department of Health and Human Services is here to coordinate existing new programs and policies that directly affect children with asthma A task force begins identifying asthma as one of the four priority areas seeking immediate attention. The plan put together was called: Asthma and the Environment; a Strategy to Protect Children. In addition to 5 other strategy ways that are called, strengthening and acceleration, implementation, establishment of coordination, and identification. Moreover, these factors were later changed around 1999, making the task force remap a new strategy. This strategy improvised more questions, so the task team had to explain the cost of asthma. Next, the task team had to comprehend the primary reason for preventing the asthma rate to decrease. Studies were shown from National Health Interview Survey and Medical Expenditures Panel Survey; explained asthma has one of the most common

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