Prevention Of Child Abuse And The Protection Of Children

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Policy Summary
This policy outlines our commitment to child protection. It includes our protocols when child abuse is reported to us or suspected by us. It also includes notes regarding the safe practices to be taken to prevent child abuse. All staff are expected to be familiar with this policy and to abide by it.

Purpose statement
We have an obligation to ensure the wellbeing of children and young persons under 17 years of age who are receiving services from any staff member of our organisation. We are committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect and to the protection of all children. The safety and wellbeing of the child is our top priority when investigating suspected or alleged abuse.

We support the roles of the New
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− Child protection – activities carried out to ensure that children are safe in cases where there is suspected abuse or neglect or are at risk of abuse or neglect.
− Designated person for child protection – the manager/supervisor or designated person responsible for providing advice and support to staff where they have a concern about an individual child or who want advice about child protection policy.
− Disclosure – information given to a staff member by a child, parent or caregiver or a third party in relation to abuse or neglect.
− Child, Youth and Family – the agency responsible for investigating and responding to suspected abuse and neglect and for providing care and protection to children found to be in need.
− New Zealand Police – the agency responsible for responding to situations where a child is in immediate danger and for working with Child, Youth and Family in child protection work and investigating cases of abuse or neglect where an offence may have occurred.
− Physical abuse – any acts that may result in physical harm of a child or young person. It can be, but is not limited to: bruising, cutting, hitting, beating, biting, burning, causing abrasions, strangulation, suffocation, drowning, poisoning and fabricated or induced illness.
− Sexual abuse – any acts that involve forcing or enticing a child to take part in sexual activities, whether or not they are aware of what is happening. Sexual abuse can be, but is not limited to: o Contact abuse:
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