Prevention Of Coma Research Paper

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Comas are brought on from injuries affecting the brain’s function. Most common causes of coma are forceful strikes to the head during a vehicle accident or violent actions. There are life responses causing comas include medications or drugs, health conditions, nervous system diseases, and infections.
In some cases, a coma is induced as part of a treatment to protect the patient from intense pain during the healing process. Other situations inducing the coma is an attempt to preserve brain functions after the trauma of a life threatening incident.
A stroke can cause a coma when a blood clot or ruptured artery stops the blood flow to the brain. The lack of oxygen and glucose stops the brain from functioning. Tumors, cerebral aneurysms and high blood pressure can cause bleeding in the brain impairing the brain’s functions, leading to coma.
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Excessive alcohol or drugs, not managing your diabetes can raise the levels of substances in our body to toxic concentrations, interfering with the brain’s neuron function prompting a coma.
Prevention of Coma
The majority of comas can be prevented with good health practices and safety behaviors. It is a matter of taking care of you and reducing the risk of encouraging a coma. If you are activity in sports, wear the proper headgear to protect against serious injury leading to a coma. Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of coma in adults and children – obey the safety rules and follow the traffic laws.
If you have a current health condition associated with comas, talk with your doctor and learn how you can diminish the risk of provoking your body into a coma. Talk with your family about your health conditions and educate them on how to response in the event your medication induces an unhealthy reaction.
Be sure to visit your doctor on a regular basis if you are ill or taking
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