Prevention Of Cult Research Paper

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All of history has been proof that danger always lies in an unquestioning faith in a single person. For decades, cults have been rising up from the minds of a few, people that seem to think of themselves as a greater being. The question remains, is there anything that can, or should, be done to prevent the growth of cults? It is difficult to condemn all cults as being inherently evil, when doing so would be prejudice against someone’s religious beliefs. The Church of Scientology, one of the world’s largest cults, has officially been declared a religion by Britain’s Supreme Court (Bingham). Not only do people have the right to their beliefs, but the right to actively practice their religion. The line that needs to be drawn is between harmlessness …show more content…

Followers of the most well known cults tend to believe that their founder is their savior. Others may rationalize that an object, or other person is the one that will save them. Most often it is people in turmoil that look to join a cult, or are sought out by one (Shoemaker). These people are brought into the group much the same way that gang members are, with a sense of belonging or purpose that they had been missing. They are suddenly met by a community of people who have all put their faith in the same thing, and have all made major changes to their lives (Feldman). The connection between cults and gangs shows that there are real dangers in the ideals set forth. Both provide an esoteric sense of community, with a seemingly congenial …show more content…

Familial importance is usually emphasized, and in more recent years some religions have become accepting of things that they historically did not believe in. Religious followers are allowed to have relationships outside of their belief system, and may leave to pursue other beliefs without any major repercussions. These mark some of the most dramatic differences between cults and other religions. Once someone joins a cult following, such as the Church of Scientology, they are often required to adhere to rules that the rest of society does not consider appropriate. These rules serve as a warning to outsiders, although that is not their intent. Occasionally, people are forced to abandon their families in order to dedicate themselves (Shoemaker). Should they decide to leave the cult, damnation may be an insinuated

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