Prevention Of Diabetes And Pre Diabetes Essay

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Type II diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people in the United States and is also a disease that is continually growing in numbers. The cost of the individual and national health care systems is also a number that is growing. Policy for prevention of diabetes and pre-diabetes is something that while has changed some in the past, has been basically the same for the past 20-25 yeas. This disease affects many throughout the country, but effects those in the middle and lower classes due to the cost of eating healthier being greater than the alternative and also due to the fact that these groups are less likely to go for routine health care. Education for the providers and patients both need to be more accessible. Providers education for screening, and implementation of a policy to set better guidelines for screening, needs to be created so that patients at risk can be educated soon rather than later on lifestyle changes. The education for patients needs to be more extensive in the office and also in the community where individuals are more likely to ask questions and be in an environment where they are more comfortable. Prevention of Type II Diabetes Policy Gap Analysis Type II Diabetes is a growing disease that according to Ley, Ardisson Korat, Qi, Tobias, Cuilin, Lu and ... Hu (2016) approximately 415 million adults are affected by this disease worldwide and in the United States in 2015, $348 million dollars was spent on treatment for
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