Prevention Of Diabetic Complications Among Elderly

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Prevention Of Diabetic Complications Among Elderly Diabetic complications such as retinopathy, nephropathy, peripheral neuropathy are directly linked to the geriatric depression scale (Floch, Doucet, Bauduceau& Verny, 2014). Diabetes mellitus id one of the leading causes of death among elderly populations and it has great association with the behavioral factors such as inadequate meal, no physical exercise, smoking, consumption of added salt and junk foods, hypertension and other comorbidities (Mantel et al., 2015). In fact a complications of diabetes mellitus among elderly in a nursing home are associated with lack of knowledge regarding diabetes mellitus among health care workers. Health care workers need sufficient knowledge to educate the patients and apply their critical decision to prevent diabetic complications (Smide & Nygran, 2013). In addition, active self- management of diabetes mellitus is very crucial to minimize the complications, which not only includes controlling a blood sugar by regular exercise, diet control and others but also it is very important to manage the psychological health status (Hamilton-West et al., 2013). Explanation Of Literature Review In Research A study conducted by floch, Doucet, Bauduceau& Verny (2014), explains that retinopathy, nephropathy, peripheral neuropathy has a great association with geriatric scale scores. According to the study, retinopathy was must common among diabetic population. Also, study explains that incidence of
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