Prevention Of HIV : HIV Prevention Plan For HIV

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LGBTQ HIV Prevention Plan
Illness and disease are two components that have a universal impact on all of mankind regardless of age, gender, race, and culture. HIV is an acronym for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and is a disease that anyone is susceptible to anyone despite the stigmas heavily portrayed through media. Many different cultures are impacted through HIV and one of these is the LGBTQ community. Within the gay community and culture, HIV prevalent and more common.
This was a result of sexual interaction between two men. Due to little or no protection it was more likely that those people would become infected. However, it wasn’t until the 1920s that HIV become more serious. Since there were no symptoms, people were unable to tell how or if they got infected (History of HIV, 2017). Afterwards, during the late 1970s, the virus spread to over five continents. It wasn’t around the 1980s when cases that involved healthy gay men, were becoming more frequent and reporting that they had become ill. There was a suggestion that said “the cause of the immune deficiency was sexual and the syndrome was initially called gay-related immune deficiency” (History of HIV, 2017, para.7). With over 7,000 cases of AIDS and 3,000 deaths related to AIDS, fear overtook San Francisco in 1984 as they closed bathhouses and sex clubs hoping it could prevent more people from being infected with AIDS. In spite of this, recently there has been a 44% decline of men infected with HIV due to
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