Prevention Of High Grade Cervical Cancer

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The Human Papillomavirus, which causes genital warts and cervical cancer, among other things, is spreading worldwide especially in peoples aged 15-25. Because of the demographics of HPV, all incoming high school freshman should be required to get the Gardasil vaccine prior to enrollment. Gardasil is a safe vaccine that protects against the Human Papillomavirus which causes the most common types of cancer. Researchers say that people are most likely to be exposed to HPV in high school, so it’s the perfect time to vaccinate. Gardasil (Quadrivalent Human Papilloma Vaccine) is a vaccine that “is directed against HPV types 6, 11, 16, and 18 and registered for the prevention of high grade cervical neoplasia” in women (Labadie 104). In males,…show more content…
Gardasil is a safe and effective vaccine. Gardasil has had a lot of opposition in recent years. The biggest opposition comes from the flawed anti-vaccine campaign. The anti-vaccine belief began “in 1880 [when] the London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination was founded” (Greenburg 764). The Society was formed during the time of the smallpox vaccine. From 1872-1896, the percentage of children getting vaccinated dropped from 90 percent to 75 percent. Antivaccers back then promoted their movement through pamphlets, speeches, and books; now the movement influences social media and every other type of media. The core beliefs of anti-vaccine movement is that “vaccines are profit centers for greedy doctors and big Pharma, and everybody is keeping the dangers [of vaccines] quiet” (Kluger 42). They also believe there is a connection between mental illness and vaccines. This belief arises because the signs of symptoms of the disorder typically appear shortly after the first and second round of vaccinations. Signs of autism and other mental retardation are, “not linked to the vaccine but to the simple fact that the disorder often begins to present itself at the same age at which kids after getting vaccinated” (Kluger 42). Vaccines don’t cause mental illness or mental disabilities. The irony of the anti-vaccination movement is rich families have a lower vaccination rate than poorer
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