Prevention Of Hiv / Aids

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Prevention of HIV/Aids in Thailand

Abstract This paper looks at increases in the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Thailand in the early 1990 's and the action taken to address this health issue. As a solution, the National AIDS committee of Thailand took an initiative to form the "100 Percent Condom Program". This program not only made condom use a requirement but also promoted health education in regard to HIV/AIDS. One of the major sources of the spread of HIV in Thailand was the increase of the disease among sex workers. After the success of the "100 Percent Condom Program" in Thailand, it has been implemented in various other Asian countries such as Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, and Laos.
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Globally, HIV is a huge threat to health. A large number of HIV/AIDS infected people are from sub-Saharan Africa. The life expectancy in this region is about 47 years. Without the presence of HIV, the life expectancy could be extended to 62 years. An estimated number of 20 million children had parents who died from HIV/AIDS. Mother to child HIV transmission is another global issue. Over 90 percent of 5.1 million children infected with HIV have gotten infected from their mother. Among the millions of people who are affected by HIV/AIDS, groups such as intravenous drug users, sex workers, and men who have sex with men are particularly affected by the disease. Young adults are also among the groups that are most infected with HIV. In 2012, adolescents accounted for "39 percent of all new infections and 15 percent of all people living with HIV" (HIV & AIDS Vulnerable Groups, AVERT)
Study Methodology The majority of sexual transmission of HIV occurred through the means of sex workers. Sex workers did not ask clients to use condoms because, clients preferred unprotected sex. Sex workers were not educated about HIV transmission and the threat it could have on their health so they did not use protection. As a way to fight the spread of HIV/Aids, the Ratchaburi Province in Thailand came up with the idea of "no
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