Prevention Of Hiv / Aids Essay

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The theories, interventions and strategies currently used to treat individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS involve several factors as it relates to a chronic disease. According to Auslander & Freedenthal in Gehlert & Browne (2012), HIV/AIDS is a chronic disease that once diagnosed, requires adherence to complex and challenging treatment regimens. Prevention of this disease requires changes in behavior that would lead to the reduction of less risky sexual behaviors. Harm reduction is a particular treatment approach that is used with HIV/AIDS individuals. As stated by Straussner (2014), Harm reduction treatment is both a philosophy and treatment approach. It was adapted in the United States in the 1980’s to minimize the transmission of HIV among injection drug users. Clean needles were distributed to injection drug users to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS The combination of drug medications is another form of intervention used to treat HIV/AIDS. Highly Advanced Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) is a multi – drug approach or drug cocktail used to treat HIV/AIDS. This form of intervention was effective in the risk reduction of both HIV/AIDS as it was able to provide durable suppression in the infected person. Cichocki (2016), states that HAART is now being used to reverse infection rates in high-risk populations, and has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV illnesses by as much as 58%. Treatment as Prevention (TasP) is another strategy used and has shown a decrease in the

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