Prevention Of School Shooting Essay

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Maschke 1
Anthony Maschke
ENC 1101
29 November 2015

Prevention Of School Shootings

Having less strict gun laws in America as a whole can help to limit the incidents of school shootings. People chalk shootings up to many different things and say that if we have more laws, less people would have gun or commit crime. What about states and cities with strict laws? What if there is more security or teachers were allowed to carry? Studies have been done to see if people themselves are the cause of the violence instead of just blaming the weapons. Forming physical and mental deterrents will produce the best results to preventing violence. According to “USA Today”, there was a 40 percent increase in shootings in Chicago within the last year. Chicago
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This is made possible because some schools allow their faculty to conceal carry on campus. Taking Texas for example, Texas has very loose gun laws and schools in Texas allow the concealment of firearms on campus. Texas also has one of the lowest rates for gun violence, especially at schools. People fear the possibility of not succeeding even if it is in mass killing, so they will typically avoid the situation because of the fear of death. It might not be dying itself but possibly dying and not accomplishing the task. Either way, the violence is deterred because there are people in place willing to fight for their life and the lives of others. In 2015 alone, the site “RT” shows Texas having half the school shooting incidents as compared to California… who again has stricter laws pertaining to guns. An easier approach to avoid situations or “fear of safety” because an officer has a gun is the metal detector and physical searches. In this situation a security guard simply runs the metal detector and like with airlines, performs “pat-down” searches when required. This is a weaker deterrent but never the less a deterrent. People will argue that their rights are being violated with this method but in
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