Prevention Persuasive Essay : Cancer Prevention

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Allie Cormier
Dr. Green
Biology B
Cancer Prevention Persuasive Essay
Everyday, an abundance of people ask what they can do to prevent themselves from especially getting cancer. Cancer, very similar to the steps of mitosis, occurs when cells divide uncontrollably. It starts by how a cell or a group of cells doesn’t follow the body’s typical growth controls. Cancer is hard to detect in the early stages due to the fact that it produces very few symptoms. Many rumors go around about what you can do to reduce cancer, but what you hear is not always true depending on the source you heard it from. The Prevent Cancer Foundation has come together with four of the best ways to help reduce your risk of getting cancer. Three of the most common ways are to eat healthy, be active, and to not smoke.
Improving your diet is one of the three most common ways to help reduce your risk of getting cancer. New research shows that one-third of cancer deaths are associated to physical activity and diet. You can start by minimizing your daily dietary fat intake, mainly animal fat. Consume a diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grains. It’s difficult to alter your diet all at once, so slowly start incorporating a few servings of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet to prevent yourself from cancer. Some examples of what you could eat are to combine some dark, leafy greens like spinach in your salad or as a snack, eat a peach, or other brightly colored
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