Prevention Plans for Obseity

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Obesity is a growing global health problem which seems to be growing and festering like an uncured disease. If none of us felt the need of mitigating it as other diseases such as Polio, hepatitis then it may trap many children into its dangerous tentacles. Like Global warming, the childhood obesity is also an epidemic crisis that requires serious prevention plans. The high blood pressure, earlier onset and growing rate of type II diabetes and heart disease are common health complications related with obesity. Obesity is an abnormal accumulation of fat in one’s body, the state in which weight of a person becomes greater than the normal weight. In today’s era when global warming, deforestation and depletion of resources have become the major concern for the international communities, the obesity has also arisen as a major problem that should be dealt seriously by taking immediate steps. Today, obesity is among one of the most visible but yet neglected issues. Among all the victims of obesity, children are the most innocent yet targeted sufferers. Childhood obesity is becoming the serious issue of current era, because it has significant negative impact on both physical and psychological health. Childhood obesity is the outcome of consuming too many calories and not getting enough physical work. Nutrition in childhood leads to well-being, health, growth and development in adolescence and older age. Additionally, eating habits inculcated and established in childhood are

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