Prevention and Control of Infection

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Section Two: Task 4
Understanding the Importance of using Personal Protective Equipment
5.1 Demonstrate correct use of PPE (completed)
5.2 Describe different types of PPE
5.3 Explain the reasons for use of PPE
At Unit 1, BMI we have many different types of PPE, these include the following (5.2 bolded and 5.3 in brackets): 1. Gloves (to protect hands/contact from skin infections / potential infections and contamination) 2. Overalls (to protect the body from possible exposure / blood borne virus, to also identify area / room of work, see SOP’s, to also prevent outside contamination from everyday clothing) 3. Visors (eye protection to protect from chemical exposure and blood borne virus) 4. Plastic apron (worn over the
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I must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the PPE is returned, once worn to the appropriate location and that the items are not removed from the workplace.
I must also examine the PPE before, during and after use and any loss or obvious defects are reported immediately to my supervisor or overseeing manager.
I also understand that I must take responsible care for the PPE provided.
I must also ensure that the PPE is cleaned daily and that it fits and is fitted correctly when in use.
Most importantly I understand that I must not interfere, damage or deface any PPE and I also understand that both employer and employee may be fined under the health and safety at work act and personal protective equipment at work regulations if the PPE is not used and worn correctly.

5.6 Describe employers responsibilities regarding the use of PPE
Employers must provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to workers and visitors as a control measure when work hazards are unable to be eliminated or adequately controlled by other methods.
Employers must determine if PPE is the most appropriate control based on risk assessment, they must also ensure that the PPE provided is appropriate for the person
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