Prevention of Alcohol Abuse Among Pregnant Women

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Prevention of Alcohol abuse among pregnant women
The drug abuse menace has been indicated to be one of the leading factors that negatively affect people at whatever stage of life right from the fetus stage to the fully grown baby and the adulthood. Of greater interest in this case is the persistent and ever increasing abuse of alcohol among other substances among pregnant women and teenagers in particular. There are repercussions that come with the alcohol abuse and there is therefore need to get to the root of how the menace can be controlled.
The research seeks to divulge the extent of the abuse of alcohol among other drugs by the pregnant women and bring forth the manner in which the society and the medical practitioners in particular can contribute to the control of the habit and guarantee better health for the mothers to be and the children.
Literature review There were statistics from the 2008 and 2009 data that relates to the pregnant women and drug abuse which should get every concerned American worried about the future of the children to be born and even for the lives of our sisters and mothers within the society. It is indicated that the drug abuse by pregnant women who are younger was higher than the elderly ones. The percentages of pregnant women between the ages of 15 to 17 and abused drugs stood at 15.8% of them, a figure that is relatively higher that that of women in the same age gap who are not pregnant at 13% (National
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