Essay on Prevention of Animal Overpopulation

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Countless lives locked away in cages and forgotten about have overwhelmed our society, it has left blood stains on our history as a species and if history has taught us anything, it’s that we have a choice to change our ways of adjusting to situations. A war which was fought in pursuit of ending such criminal means, yet we as human beings do little to nothing to end the horrific crimes of animal deaths in shelters. It is no secret that this world has become infused with problems that have extended from one side of the globe to the other. Amongst these problems lies a terrible truth: nearly every year, sums of almost eight million cats and dogs have been placed in shelters around the world. Out of these vast numbers, half will be…show more content…
Impacting these numbers were combining cat and dog statistics, participation in rescues and enormous numbers of incoming dogs and cats (WV Animal Shelter Euthanasia Rates) despite the passing of animal life, there is still hope in saving them now.
There are many ways for us to help prevent overpopulation in animals, however, the most effective way is to just spay or neuter. Spaying and neutering is basically removing the reproductive organs of an animal so that it won’t be able to produce any offspring. Of course with every new concept in life, a series of doubts and concerns are met, in this particular case: myths. Myths such a sudden reaction of laziness and gaining of weight from the animal due to the procedure, the animal being purebred or special and the process interfering with future generations of animals, causing the male cat or dog to feel less of a male, and thinking its best to have a litter of before spaying the female pet. All such myths have been disproved as the act of laziness and weight gain comes from the owners actions in overfeeding their animal and having absolutely nothing to do with spaying or neutering, the reality that one out of four animals put into shelters are purebred and the rest are mixed and therefore no mutation will come from it, the gender identity does not exist within the pet and as a result there will be no sudden cases of emotional reaction when neutered.
There are homeless
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