Prevention of Criminal Activity in Society

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Introduction With the passage of time, as human life has become faster paced and the greed of wants have increased, crime rates in the society have increased as well. While there are laws and legislations to deal with criminals but that is once the act of crime has been performed. Like they say, prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to take steps on individual level to prevent a criminal activity to curb the risks of damage. One of the highest prevalent criminal activity in the world, and in the United States of America in particular are robberies. Robberies generally involve armed criminals invading a premises and looting away the valuables in both cash and kind. Over a period of time technology has been invented and incorporated in security systems to prevent the risk of robberies. That said, without an efficient security management plan, that kind of a technology can not only prove to be futile, but can also backfire. It is therefore very necessary to have an efficient security management plan in place that is in compliance with the overall security measures of the premises. One of the most vulnerable places for robberies are banks, and mainly commercial banks. Banks are prone to robberies because not only they offer huge amount of money accumulation at a single point at a single time, but also their public accessibility makes penetration easy for robbers. However, over a period of time, after security systems have been revolutionized, even bank robbers
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