Prevention of Suicide in Adolescents Essay

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The community impact, which includes national, state, and community level, is crucial for suicide prevention in adolescents. By having the community involved, it allows a more effective prevention plan, along with measures on how to properly handle the situation more efficiently. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Surgeon General and National Action Alliance for Suicide, revised the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (NSSP) in 2012. In which, they classified suicide prevention interventions into two categories: prevention targeted at the level of the individual and prevention targeted at the level of the population. (HHS, 2012). To target at the level of the individual, the NSPP emphasized the role…show more content…
In which, they should provide the federal work force with information on suicide prevention along with ensuring the NSSP is being promoted and is included overall. And lastly, but most importantly, the federal level should be dedicated to advancing the NSSP. According to HHS (2012), the state level should appoint a lead agency to be the head department for their state. The agency would not only coordinate and convent the public and private stakeholders, but also assess their needs and resources. They would also develop and implement a strategic suicide prevention plan for their state. The state level would also be a part of promoting mental health and emotional well-being that combines traditional and new media. This could be done by developing and implementing an effective communications strategy. Finally, the state level should spread their recommendations for reporting on suicide to news organizations. By doing so, it would help the community level with preventing the spread of suicide among adolescents through media. According to HHS (2012), the community level should have easy access for treatment in his or her’s community without the fear of being judged; properly share media information, especially when it comes to suicide; provide an efficient suicide awareness campaign that provides
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