Prevention of Surgical Infections

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The post operative infection rate for patients having surgeries has slowly increased over the last several years and preventing surgical site infections (SSIs) has become a priority with many surgeons. The studies reviewed for this research have stressed the importance of prophylactic antibiotic therapy (Stefansdottir, et al. 2009) and that the timing of this dose being given is becoming the utmost importance; along with the importance of appropriate antibiotic being given. There is not a large study found for the need of post operative antibiotic therapy to be given, the studies found show that there is a question of the effect of the antibiotics after 24-48 hours post procedure. Surgical Practice (2006) reported of a study done in the…show more content…
All of the patients received preoperative antibiotic treatment along with postoperative antibiotics to also prevent infection. Of the 2 groups there was no wound infections noted to group 1; group 2 had 7 infections noted with 1 being superficial and 6 were considered deep infections. The study noted the only side effects with this possible solution for SSI’s would be sensitivity to iodine, burns, thyroid or renal disease; these cautions were placed on the study until further investigation could be performed. Conclusion of the study showed a decrease in the infection rate of patients who not only received preoperative antibiotic but a surgical site washing of povidone-iodine irrigation, thus proving the wash would help in the battle of preventing SSI’s.
Betty Neuman’s System Model will be used due to the fact that it focuses on the response of the client system to actual or potential environmental stressors and the use of primary, secondary and tertiary nursing prevention. A patient undergoing surgery should be ordered a prophylactic antibiotic to prevent infection and therefore preventing any stressors on the body. If the problems of infection can be stopped before they are started then the downward spiral will stop before it begins and thus create a
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