Preventive Care

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Running head: FUNDING PREVENTIVE CARE IN AMERICA Funding Preventive Care in America Webster University December 7, 2011 Funding Preventive Care in America Preventive care is an element that is becoming important to not only those in the healthcare field but America as a whole. Preventive care helps to not only prevent but in some cases stop from increasing illness such as obesity, hypertension, and heart disease. Many healthcare officials feel that preventative care is important to the health care field while the government does not share their sentiments and thus funds are not distributed equally to areas which assist with preventative care. Many critics feel that if the government would work with funding preventive care…show more content…
Wellness Services Physicians are not the only one that is not relying on government funds to help with preventive measures. Large corporations are equally involved in wellness (Aldana, 2005). Many corporations are offering incentives to their employees. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers wellness benefits to their employees that maintain a healthy lifestyle to include not smoking, weight management, hypertension and high cholesterol management. This company has even gone as far as to offer financial incentives offset the costs for health insurance. The employees have access to a gym that resembles at a rate of approximately $10 per month. The employees have access to a personal trainer to help them with their weight management. BCBS have a health care team which visits the site and gives blood tests to determine their cholesterol level, hypertension, and smoking. This incentive allows employees to be seen for free and receive the proper treatment for free. To add more to this plan, the company gives the employee that meet the requirements for “a healthy lifestyle”, the gives the employee money titled “Wellness” each pay period. This is incentive enough to some people to continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Government interaction Great Britain’s Health Committee believes that the government should fund preventive care yet incorporate clear
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