Preventive Maintainance System in Primary Schools

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By Darius Muyendeka
(The University of Zambia -B.Sc.Ed – Chemistry with Education)

Everything built by man requires preventive maintenance especially schools built for the education of a country’s citizens. For Primary Schools to continue being ideal places of education for pupils and teachers alike, preventive maintenance should be regarded as an important aspect of the schools program. Commenting on preventive maintenance, PC Kaiser and Harvey H say this; “Preventive maintenance” means scheduled maintenance actions that prevents the premature failure or extends the useful life of a facility, or a facility’s systems and components that are cost-effective on a life-cycle
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In terms of school infrastructure, well maintained buildings will not collapse or the roof will not be blown off during the rain seasons. This will improve the safety of both pupils and teachers.
The third reason why PMS is important is that it can sustain a safe and healthful environment by keeping school buildings and their components in good repair and structurally sound. The school surrounding is an important aspect of learning environment. “A classroom with broken windows and cold drafts doesn’t foster effective learning.” (Forrojalla 1993: 15)Preventive maintenance in schools should include the regular watering of flowers and lawns and planting of trees. Trees and flowers should be an integral part of any learning institution. Proper care should be taken to ensure that these things do not pose any problems to buildings and pupils. Szuba T and R Young emphasize the fact that preventive maintenance is “…is about providing clean and safe environments for children. It is also about creating a physical setting that is appropriate and adequate for learning.”(Szuba T & R Young 2003:11)
The fourth reason is that a well developed preventive maintenance system involves all members of staff at the primary school and the pupils. Involvement of pupils in the preventive maintenance activities will instill a sense of responsibility in the pupils and help them to grow into responsible citizens. This is also cost effective way of maintaining the school environment
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