Preventive Measures For Smartphones.

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Preventive Measures for Smartphones Today, approximately 15 million Americans has fallen victim to Identity Theft. It’s apparent the numbers continue to rise due to the advancement of technology as we enter what is known as the “Digital Ages”. With the number of devices on the market, who do we blame when people are not aware of risks involved? What tips or tools are established to educate the number of users and network providers of the potential dangers? Even though creators of smartphones do not need to provide these tips for consumers, smartphone manufacturers and distributors should be legally obligated to provide educational security tips and tools for consumers because it protects privacy, ensures consumers are fully secure, and…show more content…
The Consumer Report (2013) stated “Many users don’t secure their phones. Almost 40% in our survey didn’t take even minimal security measures, such as using screen lock, backing up data, or installing an app to locate missing phones or remotely erase data from it” (p. 18). The risks threatening the public every day is an exact reflection of the lack of knowledge or concern from consumers. For this reason, creators and distributors must establish learning tools to assist with security preventive measures and make the attempt to provide information or have it easily accessible. An example of how they can create this tool is to imitate on the “Tip App” which is offered on the Apple iOS8 system. The Tip App provides 55 useful tips and tools to assist with utilizing and navigating through the Apple iPhones. Considering how useful this application is, creating a Security Tip app, similar to the Tip app, will assist with educating consumers. It could potentially minimize the risks of Identity Theft, the possibility of privacy invasion, and also educate consumers on how to properly secure the Bluetooth setting. Creators of smartphones have to be more concerned with the protection of their customers and provide all resources possible to ensure they are not a risk while utilizing these devices. Secondly, ensuring consumers are fully protected must be the number one
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