Preventive Ounce Analysis

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o child is average.
Learn about individual differences among children and how to live with your child.

More than 40,000 parents have used the Preventive Ounce to make parenting easier and to avoid unnecessary blame and guilt.

“ I get it! My son likes to know ahead of time what's happening next—just like I do.”
“Now that I understand why my daughter had tantrums, I can avoid many of them... and understanding why some tantrums are inevitable, I’m more patient while they last.”
“ I used to think my child was wild. Now I know he needs to exercise as much as a race horse does.”
“ It’s hard to have a cautious child when I’m so adventuresome, but it’s better to accept who he is than be angry at him.”
At the Preventive Ounce, you can:

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