Preveting Teen Suicide

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Imagine a girl, 12 years old in her room. She is standing on a chair . She has a rope around her neck which is tied to the ceiling fan. On the count of three she pushes the chair off her feet and then suddenly everything goes black. Suicide is the third cause of death in teens. It takes about 35,000 lives each year, almost 11 million people have tried to take their lives. Suicide can be triggered by many things, this action has many effects but can be solved with some simple steps. Suicide can be triggered by many actions. To start off with , suicide can be caused by many different feelings. Feelings of guilt, shame, anger, rejection or loss can cause suicide. According to D’Arcy Lyness from, rejection, hurting, or loss are some emotions out of many which causes suicide Guilt is also a factor which causes this act.( “Suicide” By D’Arcy Lyness) Basically, if a person experiences these feelings than they want to escape these horrible emotions than they pick the route of suicide to evade these feelings. Furthermore, suicide can be provoked by drug or substance abuse. The article “Suicide” from Kids Health Organization says that “Teens with alcohol and drug problems are also more at risk for suicidal thinking and behavior.”( “Suicide” By D’Arcy Lyness) If a person does drugs or drinks alchocol then they will be more likely to be less happy. Once they take drugs their happy place changes to a new higher level.
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