Prewriting Reflection Essay

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Since my College Composition I course, I may use several of the prewriting phases. However, I find myself gravitating to the freewriting phase the most. After freewriting, I go back immediately and do my corrections for spelling. I save all the corrections for punctuation last; once I’ve included all the information I plan to keep. Afterwards, I look to start the thesis process. Before I start freewriting, I must choose a topic or generate ideas that would be interesting to others. I have several problems in my community that are crucial to addressing, each problem will take a collective effort to solve. Every time I turn on the news someone in my neighborhood has met their demise by the barrel of a gun. I see the gun control on a state level and national level as a constant problem in the inner city.…show more content…
Not just in my community, but so many places, besides the inner city. People think it’s just the homeless that are hungry, but today to survive at paying bills monthly it’s a task and causes some heads of households to work two and three jobs and still can’t make ends meet. Another topic I’d like to ponder is driving in America, how many automobile accidents have there been in my community and the surrounding area for the last 5 to 10 years. I often wonder if most people are driving without a license because I always see people breaking rules of the road that were set to keep us all safe. I rush to get home because everybody is in a hurry all the time and in the process is making costly mistakes on the road. Each of these topics has plenty of information for research, my question is in doing the research will I find a
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