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Reusability Code PRG/211 March 5, 2013 Phoenix Outline * Introduction • Reusability • Security in terms of hiding code • Passing of data versus data encapsulation • How object-oriented methods are similar to procedural modules * Code reuse in more than one program * Closing * References

Introduction This paper will discuss the difference between procedural modules and object-oriented methods. How both methods work and some of the pro
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Therefore, programmers must improve drastically their level of security by creating hiding code to hide company’s internal data. To accomplish this task programmers used what is called object-oriented programming. Object-oriented programming is a kind of programming where parts of the code are split into objects. Because those codes are split into objects and each one of them has its own coding assign to that object therefore it made impossible for anyone to gain access to internal or sensible information or data.

Passing of data versus data encapsulation Data Hiding is a concept of making all the data fields’ private so it is not accessible from the other classes, APIs, and objects in the system. The only class/object/API has to know about the data and how to operate them. Example, if you are getting cash back at a store after the purchase one should just type the pin a get the money this is passing data from one point to another. The Encapsulation is much more than just Data Hiding. Data hiding is the encapsulation is logical integration of the data and hiding the function within one entity (class, object, package, library, API etc.) So at the store when the data is transferred from the bank to the store to data is encapsulated so the user does not see this transaction take

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