Price Tags On Health Care

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After carefully analyzing all the stories on the Kaiser Health News, I picked Martha Bebinger’s article on “Price Tags on Health Care? Only In Massachusetts.” The article focuses on how private health insurance companies in Massachusetts have shared price tags of the medical care to be offered with their users. This event is seismic as sharing information that was considered heavily guarded to the public is one step to making the Obamacare work for our Medical care. As much as they have tried to make this step, the article points out many caveats that still need working on. The article also mentions that the posted prices sometimes do not include all the charges one is to incur while enjoying their health care services. Additionally, the prices keep fluctuating, and there is also no standard list of the procedures and tests which also cost a pretty penny. Moreover, the information the insurance companies give to their clients on safety is weak and insufficient. The article also points out how there is a biasness where there are few price tags when it comes to inpatient care compared to the outpatient care that overwhelms their pages. The article goes on to say that patients can finally have a feeling of the amount a test or strategy will cost ahead of time. The most regular early clients of the recently revealed information are likely suppliers. The article concludes by urging the readers to see how these numbers are confusing. A large portion of us have not considered
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