Price Water House Coopers Strategy

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Student ID University of Portsmouth Business School Richmond Building Portsmouth Hampshire PO5 0AN Key Words Market Orientation, Competitive Advantage, Customer Value, Implementation, Change, Obstacles Abstract This paper analyses PricewaterhouseCoopers Middle East (PwC ME) recently adopted “go-to market” operating model. The paper suggests that the market oriented strategy implemented by PwC ME will help it sustain an enduring competitive advantage if it was updated regularly baring in mind that market conditions and competitive threats never stand still. The paper proposes that PwC ME can minimize the effect of the obstacles associated with the implementation of their new model by embedding the change into the culture of…show more content…
2. Employees Firms need to adapt themselves to market developments they need to build on strengths of their resources base and activity system. Immediate action in developing the products/services and resource base is required to remain in constant alignment with the fluctuating external environment (De Wit, Meyer, 2010, p.250). The process of generating knowledge and applying it in ways that support delivering superior customer value helps the firm develop the basis for a competitive advantage (Vorhies, Harker and Rao, 1999). As a general guideline, PwC ME employees will start as generalists and then grow their functional and industrial competencies as they progress in their careers. The objective is for people to become industry and functional subject matter experts (SMEs) in the areas that are strategic to the Middle East. The targeted progression is for the people to move from generalists, to functionally focused, to industrially focused, and to ultimately become SMEs as illustrated in the figure below Figure 2: PwC ME Career Development Matrix Source: PwC ME strategy transformation presentation (March 2010) PwC ME recognizes that their employees are their major assets; they are committed to investing in human capital
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