Pricing Strategies of Hilton Hotel

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Market Segmentation of Hilton Hotels

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Market Segmentation

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Market segmentation allows Hilton to focus the all efforts on satisfying the demands of the customers.
Demographics Segment and Hotels of Hilton
For Hilton Hotels’ demographic segment, they pay close attention to customers’ profession, income, family life cycle and socio-economic group, but take less consideration on their age, gender, religion, or race. The reason of this is that, as Hilton Hotels provide high-priced service and products, which fasten on these groups of people, who can afford this and it will bring more profit to the business if satisfy customers’ requirements. The Waldorf, which is the super deluxe brand of Hilton hotel family, provides all the comforts and service that customers can enjoy in some of the particular places around the world. Each hotel situated in satisfactory tourist attractions, has its own distinguishing features, everlasting architectural style and unique history. Guests staying in Waldorf hotels can be addicted to warm and comfortable spas, different types of delicate food or play championship golf. Our wishes for every customer is to supply and inspire new findings,which will help them to make every journey with us exclusively. And another brand Conrad International, which is also a global modern luxury brand of Hilton, integrating a glory and renowned heritage with an up-to-date attitude. The most famous one is Hilton Hotels & Resorts, which is on behalf of an innovative

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