Pride And Corronment In Beowulf And Lanval

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Pride is a trait everyone poses, but is having pride and being boastful a double edge sword? Pride and boasting are something that appears in many different characters with different manifestations through literature. In "Beowulf" and "Lanval", the pride and boastfulness are demonstrated as both a strength and weakness. Having the pride to boast caused many issues for Beowulf, Lanval and the Queen Guinevere.
Beowulf starts boasting as soon as he is introduced to the King Hrothgar. Beowulf tells him, "... every elder and experience councilman / among my people supported my resolve / to come here to you, King Hrothgar / because all knew of my awesome strength" (Beowulf 415-18). His boasting grants him an opportunity to battle Grendel. Later on, after he actually fights Grendel he proudly hangs Grendel's' arm in the wall to prove just how great he is. "Clear proof of this Could be seen in the hand the hero displayed High up near the roof: the whole of Grendel’s Shoulder and arm, his awesome grasp" (Beowulf 832-35), this is an example of symbolic boasting because it represents one of his greatest accomplishments. Beowulf makes many boast, time after time he boast about all his glories. He slowly starts to get more and more prideful till his very end. The Queen Guinevere's pride was wounded when she gets rejected by Lanval. Queen Guinevere offers herself to Lanval saying he could have anything he desires. Lanval rejects her by telling her he won't betray his king and that he

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