Pride And Prejudice And Mr. Darcy's First Proposal

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In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the similarities and differences between Mr. Darcy’s proposals show that a strong romantic bond should develop from an absolute understanding of each other’s characters.
In the first proposal, Mr. Darcy surprises Elizabeth with his presence, and after his brisk entrance, “He sat down for a few moments, and then getting up walked about the room.”(Austen 162) He proceeds to initiate his proposal to Elizabeth, making her increasingly more irritated. When Mr. Darcy expects excitement and compliance to his proposal, he is met with Elizabeth’s curt words, saying how displeased she was that Mr. Darcy was focusing on how socially inferior she was to him, and how his romantic feelings for her were developed against his will. She continues to refuse his proposal by mentioning that he was an agent in his sister’s happiness because he stopped the progress Jane and Bingley’s relationship. From my analysis of the text, Mr. Darcy’s first proposal is brimming of misunderstanding and lack of respect of each other, which is also physically shown
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In Mr. Darcy’s first proposal, Elizabeth has been told by Mr. Darcy’s cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam that he has recently “saved a friend from the inconveniences of a most imprudent marriage,”(Austen 159) Elizabeth quickly makes the connection that it was the marriage of Jane and Mr. Bingley. As she returns to contemplate on this privately, she is disturbed by Mr. Darcy and she greets him coldly, and eventually refuses his advances. Comparatively, as they stroll together at Netherfield, Elizabeth gratefully thanks Mr. Darcy for his help in settling the precarious marriage matters between Lydia and Mr. Wickham. Her attitude towards him here is a positive one, and she is willing to open up, and also listen to Mr. Darcy explain
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