Pride And Prejudice-Archetypal

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Jane Austen’s classic story of Pride and Prejudice has stood the test of time and has become a cornerstone of modern literature. This novel of manners has proven to be archetypal in not only literature but furthermore in other formats with numerous books and movies mimicking its plotline. “Love” is a common theme among many works, but is especially prominent in Pride and Prejudice. Nearly the entire novel is driven by love, whether it be directly or indirectly. Without the underlying theme of love, the novel would lack many of its pivotal aspects and surely would not be regarded as the timeless work it is seen as today. Throughout the story, numerous characters must overcome the various setbacks that love brings to achieve their ultimate goal.…show more content…
Love is shown in a cynical way as well in Pride and Prejudice through the relationship of Charlotte and Mr. Collins. Charlotte, a desperate woman still living under her parents’ roof, marries Collins, a wealthy man set to inherit the Bennet’s property. Charlotte does not fall in love with Collins the way others in the novel have fallen in love. She simply marries Collins for the financial stability he will provide her. Though this is not the magical, tender picture of love that is also shown in the novel, it depicts a situation in which “love” and marriage is not ruled by the heart, rather by the practically of the matter.
The central theme of “love” dictates many of the outcomes of the situations set forth in the novel. Pride and Prejudice shows several examples of different kinds of love, whether it be true love or false “love.” The novel also shows how others feelings and actions can influence relationships. Without the vital aspect of love and its impact on the story, the novel would not be anything it is today. The classic story of love’s struggles and triumphs has gone unchanged and is still respected and adored by the masses. The story continues to set an example for many and is still referenced
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