Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen there are several characters that at initial glance seem only to serve as a comparison point for Elizabeth Bennett’s shortcomings and successes. Mary Bennett, the middle Bennett sister, serves as a contrast to Elizabeth Bennett; the two sisters despite having many commonalities are handled quite differently in the text. Mary is used a reflection of what a woman who seeks a husband ought not to be. She has for too long studied the behavioral books for young ladies available at the time. Mary represents the ideology of a woman who has not only pride but also vanity. This character’s poor relations and lack of understanding reflects a societal appreciation for those who have balance between morals, compassion, and pride and disdain for the overly learned, those uninterested in marriage and the sense of vainglory. Austen gives credence to this analysis through the use of diction and character dynamics within the novel.
Austen’s characters are handled in relation to those around them, which reflects how the reader is supposed to view them. Particularly we are focusing on how Austen exaggerates and focuses in on very specific traits of Mary that not only serve the purpose of bolstering Elizabeth’s characterization but also serve to highlight the negative parts of an ideology that does not foster both good sense and compassion/kind-heartedness. We can see this in how Austen handles the character in Pride and Prejudice. In general characters…
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