Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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The book chosen for review is titled Pride and Prejudice, categorized as a novel of manners as well as a satire. First published in the year of 1813 by Whitehall, it is written by the renowned Jane Austen, an English novelist who remains one of the most highly read authors to this day. Austen conveys to the readers a depiction of life in this era and well as a message of romance and loyalty. The setting of the novel is England during the early nineteenth century, telling the story of a young woman growing up in high the society of the British Regency, dealing with romance, morals, and education. Our leading lady is Elizabeth Bennet, one of five daughters born to the Bennets. Her sisters are the pretty Jane, the studious Mary,the flirty Lydia, and the girlish Catherine. Mrs. Bennet’s main preoccupation lies in finding decent husbands for with whom her daughters may elope. Word arrives that a rich young man, Bingley, will be moving into Netherfield Park. He makes a good impression, despite his friend Mr. Darcy giving off the aura of an uppity, prideful person at the ball in which they attend. Jane and Bingley form a bond during this time. Soon, Jane decides to visit his sister, who is called Caroline. She falls ill on the trip and must remain in Netherfield until she is back in health. When Elizabeth comes to take care of Jane, she begins a cordial relationship with Mr. Darcy, who appears to be warming up to her despite his cool nature. The self important Mr. Collins visits…

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