Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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The book chosen for review is titled Pride and Prejudice, categorized as a novel of manners as well as a satire. First published in the year of 1813 by Whitehall, it is written by the renowned Jane Austen, an English novelist who remains one of the most highly read authors to this day. Austen conveys to the readers a depiction of life in this era and well as a message of romance and loyalty. The setting of the novel is England during the early nineteenth century, telling the story of a young woman growing up in high the society of the British Regency, dealing with romance, morals, and education. Our leading lady is Elizabeth Bennet, one of five daughters born to the Bennets. Her sisters are the pretty Jane, the studious Mary,the flirty…show more content…
He has come to choose a wide amongst the five girls, who are his cousins. When Jane declines due to her love for Mr. Bingley, he approaches Elizabeth next. Yet she also shies away and begins interacting with a militia officer claiming to have been abused by Mr. Darcy, sparking hatred towards Darcy. In the following scene there is another ball that is thrown by Bingley. The next day, Mr. Collins is rejected in his marriage request to Elizabeth, so he chooses to propose to her friend, Charlotte, and is accepted. Abruptly, Bingley returns to London, leaving Netherfield behind. Elizabeth has the suspicious that Darcy and Caroline are the cause of this separation between him and Jane. Caroline informs Jane that Mr. Bingley does not have mutual feelings for her, and nor does Caroline seem interested in her friendship any longer. Elizabeth goes to visit Mr. and Mrs. Collins in Kent come spring, and oddly enough, Darcy is also present. Here her hate for Darcy grows for a variety of reasons, including the fact it is clear that he ruined the relationship between Jane and Bingley. However, he feels the opposite. He has fallen for her and proposes. It is then that Elizabeth confronts him for destroying Jane and Bingley’s love and for being an arrogant, condescending man. Darcy retaliates with excuses for all of the accusations she has made. Elizabeth realizes that her prejudices were incorrect, and that she had been simply put off by
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