Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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Pride and Prejudice, a novel written by Jane Austen, is a story of overcoming pride and prejudices. The story takes place in Longbourn, where the Bennet family and their five girls live on their rented estate. Mrs.Bennet is obsessed to get her daughters to marry rich, as they are all still single. Their financial status is poor, placing them into a lower social class. Mrs.Bennet heard news of a single, wealthy man, Mr.Bingley, moving into a estate just three miles away from them and begged that her husband would go call on him, which he refused but secretly did anyway, to his wife 's pleasure. There was a ball where they were to attend, and Mr.Bingley would be attending too, along with his two sisters, one of his sisters husband, and his friend, Mr.Darcy. Mr.Darcy was immediately named handsome, but proud and didn’t care to dance with anyone. Mr.Bingley, on the other hand, danced and was joyful. Everyone noticed that Mr.Bingley danced two whole dances with Jane Bennet, and talked among themselves that there should be a wedding coming up soon. After the dance, Jane was invited by Mr.Bingley 's sister for tea in Netherfield. She had gone horseback, just as a storm was brewing, which caused her to get a cold and a fever, leading to her staying there for a week. Elizabeth Bennet, went to visit her sister after the storm, and seeing that her sister was not too well, was asked to stay alongside her until she was better. She visited Jane frequently, but spent her time mostly with
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