Pride And Prejudice By Pride Essay

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The Effects of Pride Pride is the feeling of satisfaction when someone achieve something, someone close to you achieves something, or something somebody owns or has is admired by others. Being proud of yourself or someone else is not always bad. However, some believe pride is negative and can change how a person thinks and feels about certain things. It can be taken either way depending on who, why, and when it is. Many people have written articles and have done research to determine whether it is negative or positive. In the novel, Pride and Prejudice, pride is seen throughout the story in people with a lot of money and with good looks. Different things can determine whether pride is good or bad. Many studies have been done by psychologists to determine whether pride is a sin or just an adaptive social emotion. A study was done at Northeastern University by two people, David Desteno and Lisa Williams, who did a research report on their results. “The experiment examined the ability of pride to serve as an adaptive emotion within the context of social interaction” (Desteno and Williams 284). Pride is often viewed as a deadly sin and high moral behavior (Desteno and Williams). They believe the “function of pride is to motivate hedonically costly efforts aimed at acquiring skills that increase one 's status and value to one’s status and value to one’s social group” (Desteno and Williams). In their study, they took sixty-two individuals and separated them into same-sex groups

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