Pride And Prejudice Character Analysis Essay

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Elizabeth Bennet is witty, loyal, and clever. She is also impulsive, stubborn, and outspoken. The protagonist of Jane Austen’s novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ remains to be one of the most famous female characters in English Literature. Often noted in Instagram captions or on a homemade canvas bag, a quote such as “Looking for my Mr. Darcy” or something along those lines can be found all over the internet. From the time of her creation to the present-day her character has stood as a source of inspiration to her readers.
“Lizzy” is a heroine with whom many readers (this one included) are quick to admit that a friendship with would not be dull. However, it is her feminist promise that keeps readers engaged through her life’s situations – both
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As Lizzy becomes her true self we find hope in the transformation of Darcy’s attraction to her from one of the physical to an appreciation and admiration of her mind and personality. Despite Lizzy’s tendency to judge too quickly, they lead to the character’s overcome obstacles and eventual romance. While the reader may be swift to harshly judge Lizzy or Darcy early in the novel, we know that we want love to win in the end. There are so many obstacles in the way of true love; Lizzy father is not wealthy enough to carry on his estate and sees the marriage as a financial arrangement, Darcy proposes too soon and his reasoning is too calculated. Even with Lizzy’s snap judgements, to which the reader often times may agree, are an obstacle to love. We form an ideal image of Lizzy that we build her framework to a better self in our mind’s eye. When Darcy’s letter explains his new found understanding of love for Lizzy, we see that her first impression may have been wrong watching as she does not let first judgements be the final judgement. Darcy, like all of us, has shown a better version of himself that was not before presented publicly. We learn that the real person, the true character of one’s self is not usually exposed on first, second, or third meeting, but only through time and trust. Elizabeth’s feeling towards Darcy evolve to the point where marriage might be possible. Upon seeing the
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