Pride And Prejudice Comparative Essay

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Pride and Prejudice is a movie directed by Cyril Coke in 1980 that is inspired by the original book of the same title, written by Jane Austen. The characters and scenes played in the movie, showed more substantial details compared to the previous black and white film on 1940, directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Jane Austen was an English writer who gained her fame through her books that showcase critiques on the British landed gentry by the end of 18th century. Her successful books include Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, and many more. In Pride and Prejudice, Austen portrayed five unmarried Bennet daughters who were pressured by their mother to marry, and were thrilled upon the arrival of two wealthy noblemen. Through Elizabeth Bennet, the author showed how Lizzie must overcome her own false prejudice against class-conscious Mr. Darcy, and overcoming her lower status to find romance. This book also showed the significance of wealth for marriage and the control parents have over their children’s marriage in the 19th century Britain. Pride and Prejudice illustrated financial wealth as the decisive factor for marriage in the 19th century, because marrying a wealthy…show more content…
It also depicts how family pressure plays a huge role in the decision of marriage, but love can also have its importance. The connection to family history from class is that women always have inferior roles compared to men in most places back in the 19th century. Female’s status in society always depended on her husband. During revolutionary period in France, many feminists tried to fight for new roles. This poses my historical question: During what time period are women in England allowed to own properties? And if they are allowed almost equal right as men, how far extend will the view of marriage
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