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The novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ addresses many themes and motifs, but one of the more prevalent is pride itself, which Austen expertly weaved throughout, showing the effects it has on both the perpetrator’s lives and the lives of those around them. This theme of pride relates to the time period the novel was written in, which was the Regency era, where the class system was deemed of significant importance and particular traits of the gentry were considered necessary, including an extent of pride. Austen attacks this view and admits a harsh observational outlook by having everyone in the book hold some degree of pride, whilst bloating the major characters until they become caricatures revelling in exaggerated tendencies. The two…show more content…
This statement is interesting, because on one hand it is ironic as previously the book identified a ‘common’ belief that Mr. Darcy was ‘one of the proudest and most disagreeable men’ which proves pride is not always held under ‘good regulation’ yet it also causes the reader to ruminate on the truth of his words, because preceding circumstances had demonstrated this concept. For instance, when Mrs. Bennet exhibits pride in her scornful treating of the Lucas’s, calling their news ‘second- hand’ the reader naturally mocks her, but when Austen portrays Darcy as having familial pride it is seen as inherently virtuous. Therefore, the reader can gauge that the levels and types of pride are significant in determining whether it is positive or negative and so we comprehend Mr. Darcy’s argument. Mary also commented on the distinction between pride and vanity when she remarked that, ‘pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.’ This observation supports Mr. Darcy’s point, and so our overall belief. Austen moreover delves deeper into pride than simply stating it as positive and negative, with certain people obtaining intense levels which appear obnoxious and callous to the reader. One such character whom the reader can perceive as containing negative pride is Miss Bingley, who has even seeped this characteristic into the given

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